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What is the primary goal of reconstruction? Reunification, punishment, civil rights, other? (Thesis)
Our goal is to reunify the United States by bringing stability, wealth, and advancement to the country as a whole. We plan to reach our goals by gradual progresses with contracts, civil rights to all (including freedmen), community service, and jobs to stabilize the economy.
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Enough bloodshed was spilled during the war and we therefore, should not continue to have bloodshed during Reconstruction. More murders do not solve wars but bring even more violence and hatred. “An eye for an eye” must end somewhere, so it might as well be now. To live in an economically and politically stable country, each individual state must contribute their opinions, money, and hands. Half of a country cannot have a thriving economy or trade system because it takes the whole, entire country’s effort. The United States’ conflicts cannot drag on forever, they must be resolved. As a country, it is our duty to face our problems in a constitutional and sophisticated manner. Childish fights between our United States’ brothers are inappropriate actions that are deepening the Civil War scar when it should have been just a bruise.
The only way to have a healthy, wealthy, and advancing country is to always be looking forward. Meddling in the past will only bring hatred and violence. Our country has already been scarred with the Civil War and that cannot be ignored, so, therefore, we must acknowledge the battles and honor our fellow brothers who died for their beliefs. This does not mean every man must have revenge. We must look forward and progress to reunifying the country that will eventually benefit both, the North and South.

What should be done to the ex-Confederates?

To reach our goal, we propose to give the ex-Confederates a chance in court. Because money is scarce, only the major ex-confederate leaders of the states will be trialed. The juries will consist with half of the people from our northern states and half from our southern states. These juries must work together to convict the ex- confederates as guilty or innocent. If an ex- confederate leader is convicted as guilty, he shall be banned from the United States. If he is innocent, then he shall be put on probation, following the Ex-Confederate Intermission Law. This law keeps the ex-confederate from participating in the national government, however he is allowed to participate in the state government. This law will only be applied until the government states that this country is stable- meaning that the economy is circulating, there are efficient fields and crops, the main railroad tracks have been fixed and the freedmen have been peacefully given the right to vote.
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What should be done for the freedmen?
We propose to give all freedmen the rights to vote however, they cannot hold office in the government temporarily. Giving freedmen the rights to vote will anger the ex-Confederates and allowing them to hold office in the government right away will cause clucking clans to threaten our country’s reunification. Therefore, we propose to give freedmen the rights to vote however, gradually give them full citizenship (as the country stabilizes). In addition, freedmen will receive 40% of their previous owner’s property (which is part of the Land Distribution Act). With this fresh start in life, we also offer protection to our freedmen neighbors. Once the southern states sign the Unification Contract to rejoin the union, states will be pledging to follow the 13th, 14th, and 15h amendments. Of course, enforcing these amendments all at once will cause riots and hatred toward our country. We therefore are willing to accept a gradual progress toward these laws in new Union states (but must be met within 24 months). The freedmen now have land and rights, but to survive, we will also offer jobs temporarily. We propose to give the freedmen an option to work on the damaged railroad tracks, roads, or crops. Unfortunately money is limited and we therefore intend to pay them with low wages (until the economy begins to circulate in the South) and necessities (such as food and clothing).

Who should be able to vote and hold office in the new Southern state governments?
In the South we propose that all men can vote, white or a freedman. However the freedmen will not be able to hold any office positions temporarily to avoid conflict between the white southerns. Also ex-confederates can hold office positions except for the elite officers who fought in during the Civil War. Also white immigrates from the North traveling down South can also hold office in the South. By proposing that all men can vote allows the freedmen to contribute to how the states government is run. Also temporarily not allowing the freedmen to hold office will gradually ease the south into an integrated society with white and black citizens. Also by allowing the ex-confederates to hold office will show that the country is trying to mend the tares of the civil war. Also allowing Northerners to hold office will slowly cleanse the bad blood between the northern and southern states. Because we will learn to come to terms together and see this will help the south, grow exponentially over the next few years.

What requirements must be met before states regain full rights and representation?
For Southern states who wish to regain their full rights and representation, they must acknowledge, sign, and follow the Unification Contract. This contract says that the state will stay with the Union, follow the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendment, and accept the consequences if not followed. The consequences will obviously vary depending on the degree of violence. The first degree violence is a rebellion. This will enforce a fee to the Bank of America which will range from $500-$10,000 depending on what the House of Representatives decides. The second degree of violence is a physical threat such as setting a buildings on fire or even threatening citizens with weapons. This will result in a trial with the Supreme Court. If violators are found guilty, jail and community service will be the result. Due to the money shortage, states may not have the money to spend on jails (housing, feeding, etc.) and may result in community service only. The third degree of violence would be murder or the continuance of the war. This will result in 5+ years in prison, and 200+ hours of community service (5-10 hours a week) in farming or transportation fixing. By following this one contract, Southern brothers are welcomed back into the Union.

How should the Southern economy be stored?
The United States government will first hand out the opportunity for our southern neighbors and brothers to obtain jobs by contributing to the South reconstruction. Our southern neighbors and brothers will be paid for their work through the Land Distibution Act income from the U.S government (20% of land will be given to the government, 40% to freedmen and the other 40% to white Southerners.) Reconstruction would begin at the repair of the railroad tracks, roads, and other basic means for transportation. Thus, the South will improve in transportation and eventually in trading as well. The field hand would be settled next by replanting the damaged land and plant crops for a new season including cash crops such as cotton and tobacco. Once the South has produced such crops efficiently, debt to the North will be paid off and the South can once again rebuild its trading system. In addition to those paid for their work, sentenced former Confederate soldiers will pay their crimes off with “community service” to their country.

Once Southern trade has regained its footing, taxes shall be levied on citizens to pay for the rebuilding of public buildings, such as courts and schoolhouses.

What role should Union troops play in policing, governing, or rebuilding the South?

The Union troops should not be controlling the South. According to the Constitution, “we the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union”, must help our neighboring states. This means that it is constitutional for the Union troops to not govern the South, but assist in reducing hatred and violence by offering peace, helping hands, and Union support. We intend to offer the Union troops’ support as soon as possible. Our southern states will eventually stabilize, meaning they will gradually have a progressing economy, fields of crops, and accessible transportation (which will allow trade systems to begin). Once these ideas begin to grow in our country’s southern states, the aid of the Union troops will no longer be needed and, therefore, the Union troops can leave their neighbors in peace. To ensure this, we propose the Peace Contract which will promise our southern neighbors the arrival and departure of the Union troops, in addition to their assistance.

What role should Union troops play in policing, governing, or rebuilding the South?
For our country to reunify as a whole, the South must be stabilized with a flowing economy, a number of efficient fields, all main railroads fixed (to increase the transportation and trade), and the right to vote for freedmen. This will allow the country to reunite as one country which will allow us to gradually progress towards advancement together, reaching high trade rates, healthy environments, and higher education for our United States.



I think it makes your proposal all the more effective that you have vividly stated your goal in your first sentence, which is reunification. I think this is a good idea because there was a lot of hostility between the states. I like how you pointed out the flaw of the United States of fighting each other, and you have a means to move forward from that. I can see how your goal continues throughout your proposal, like having a half northern and southern jury for the ex-confederates. I think it is important that both the north and south have a voice. However I do not think it is effective to banned ex-confederates considered guilty form the United States. They are just Americans with different opinions, and should not be banned from their homeland. I like the idea of freedmen having the right to vote and being distributed land. But I think you plan for them should include more education and stability in society (since it was mentioned in your goals). I agree with your plan on who is allowed to vote and hold office. I think it is important to have the states agree to a Unification Contract, and show their loyalty. Also the consequences for violation are very effective. Your goal is strongly supported by not having the Union control the south. Overall I think your plan is one that can be successful, although it will take time to gradually become successful.

-Rekeyia Sherrell- The Falafels