Team Karie

Karie, Yesenia, Michelle, and Melina

The reconstruction of the United States at this critical period is essential in order to mend the throbbing scars on our nation caused by the great and destructive Civil War. Our priority is to unify this great nation without the resentment of any citizen, whether he is a Negro, a Northerner, or a Southerner; and our goal is for this country to stand united and strong against any enemy, which cannot happen if we are enemies to one another. We propose to unify this country by mending the areas that have been causing this controversy all along, and our plan consists of rebuilding the southern economy by using money from the federal fund, offering a way for freedmen and poor white men who lost everything to the war with a way to work and provide for their families, and by enforcing the consequences that come with being a former Confederate. The tasks ahead are not easy tasks to fulfill, we must find a way for the people of this nation to coexist; our plan proposes to give more rights to blacks and keep the Klux Klux Klan from reaping further destruction in the South as they will not be tolerated whatsoever, as well as punish those who infiltrate our system with corrupt judgments and actions. This great plan of ours can work if we all keep in mind that unification is key; the Union is ready to embrace the South once again as long as they abide to follow the regulations of this plan.
Karie explains for her teammates!

Despite our willingness to mend our differences with the South, it would be unfair to the Union soldiers who fought so hard to keep our country intact if we were to let the conspirators of the Confederacy off with a mere slap on the hand. Thus we believe that all Confederate high officers should be tried in military courts. But they will not be submitted to execution; instead they will be fined based on their charges and income. This will decrease some of the debt the South owes to the Union, as well as increase the revenue of the Federal Bank which can be used for further reconstruction of Southern property. We also feel that to strip the officers of their land would be uncivil and would cause much unnecessary resentment from Southerners.

We intend to provide former male slaves with full voting rights, and honor the Amendments to that Constitution that designate them as “separate but equal” to white men. The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments will be strictly enforced by the Union army until the end of Reconstruction to ensure black men’s votes will be honored. In order to provide black men, women, and children with the education rights they are entitled to, we will set up Freedmen’s Bureaus which will provide education funded by the Federal Bank to the former slaves. Job opportunities will be plenty with the necessity of workers to rebuild railroads and other construction work.

All states of the Union must ratify the 15th Amendment. The 15th Amendment would prohibit state governments from denying a citizen the right to vote based on his race or previous condition of servitude. Any means of terror or violence to prevent a citizen from voting will not be tolerated under the federal law. The Federal government has unconditional power to enforce the 15th Amendment strictly. In addition, a former Confederate cannot run for office for 3 years. Such a policy has been adopted to prevent any further conflicts in House of Representatives, Senate, and Congress, and to protect former Confederates from being exposed to any threat of violence they might face in the House, Senate, or Congress.

As part of the Reconstruction Plan, we propose President Lincoln’s 10% plan to aid our Confederate brethren and to unify our broken country. The 10% plan will be the backbone of states’ rights and representation within the United States government. This plan states that a Southern state can be readmitted into the Union once 10 percent of its voters swear an oath of allegiance to the Union. Voters may then elect delegates who can establish state governments and revise state constitutions, as well as partake in Congress. In order to appeal to poorer whites, we offer to pardon all Confederates; to appeal to former plantation owners and southern aristocrats, we promise to protect their private property. However, this private property does not entail slaves.

Regarding the issue of restoration of Southern economy, the North promises its full effort and support. The federal fund will be provided to help reconstruct war damages. War debt which the South owes to the Union will be reduced by 50%. Also, debt will be paid through minimal tax to relieve the economic pressure. Furthermore, extensive networks of railroads will be built in the South. The new project of building railroads will not only provide jobs for freedmen and others but also increase trading opportunity and efficiency for South, thus boosting its economy.

Union troops situated in the South should shift their focus primarily on the Ku Klux Klan. As of 1871, the Ku Klux Klan Act will be in full effect. This act is intended to enforce the fourteenth amendment which grants citizenship to all men of the United States, regardless of their background or ethnicity. Union troops are to be situated in the South to make sure this law is being adhered to and obeyed to its full extent. If anything or anyone should violate this act, troops will respond in a quick and efficient manner in which they will put an end to any behavior that conflicts with what is expected from the rules laid down by the passing of this bill. Any behavior defying said act will result in direct disobedience with the law and will result in immediate action towards swift punishment.

The reconstruction of the United States is not impossible; it is achievable through the careful tactic of compromise. With unity as our goal, our plan gives every individual something to gain without the resentment of any person. If all citizens are able to agree to stand as a united nation and coexist in peace and unity, our reconstruction plan is guaranteed to work. There is no longer any leeway for corruptive acts or judgments in this country, for blacks as well as whites must live amongst each other as separate but equal me. As stated before, unification is key! Without the cooperation of everyone, this country cannot move forward. It is our responsibility as citizens of this great nation to improve the current situation of great poverty and disunity, and we are no longer North and South, we are the United States of America and must fulfill the aims of our title. With the plans proposed above, we can and will move forward.

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Your points considering the reactions of Southerners and former Union soldiers ensures that the proposed plan does not get defeated because of unwillingness to cooperate by specific parties. Without this, the plan would surly fall apart and accounting for these feelings will make the plan more agreeable to all parties.
However, what is to be the government in the former confederate states during the Reconstruction period, will it be directed by the union army or the southerners who did not participate in Confederate administration, and after 3 years everyone?