Loren, Bill, Alex, and Galen "Seedy" Egan

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But if that is not possible, here is our second best idea...

The Civil War was arguably the greatest tragedy that has ever fallen upon our nation. Our once unified country was literally split in two, and brothers and comrades were forced to fight against each other in the bloodiest battle that America has ever fought. After half a decade of this brutal fighting, the Civil War has finally ended, leaving America, especially the southern half, ravaged by the conflict. However, as difficult as the last five years had been, it’s always easier to burn down a house than to build a new one from scratch. And this is precisely the problem that America faces: we must rebuild, reconstruct, and reunify. It’s time to patch up our wounds, and try to heal our scarred country. As Abraham Lincoln said in his second inaugural address before he was killed, we must, “do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.” It’s time for the United States to be truly united; the past has passed, and we need to secure peace, liberty, and justice for all citizens of this nation, no matter the conditions they were born into. America will never be a big player on the world stage if we can’t settle our differences and live together; we need to give as much assistance as possible to whoever needs it. This means stimulating the south’s shattered economy, securing civil rights and finding new opportunities for freedmen, making sure corruption and disunity are out of the government, and essentially filling in the crack where America was so wretchedly divided. If we all put aside our differences and stick together, America can be great once more.

If we devise to become the glorious whole we once were we must make this reunification as painless as possible. Although certain unavoidable conflicts and damages linger in the midst of any such radical maneuver, efforts can and will be made to lesson the tragedy before us. First off we must recollect the forgiving Christian spirit which we have so abandoned over the past years. Without the ability to forgive, we may never truly heal this infected wound upon us. So in this frame of mind, we must address an Earth-rattling issue: what is to become of the Confederate Soldiers who fought so ferociously to destroy the very nation we are restoring? A vicious mind might move to make example of said “traitors” with execution. Another man may state that they should be charged with high treason be determined that time is served. However, the proper way to handle this fragile issue is with as open a heart as possibly. To make an example of these men would only prove harmful as it would anger the very newly-dubbed citizens we are trying to appease. It is therefore obvious that the only wise decision is to not try these men for war crimes. They were fighting under loyalty for their state- an admirable trait. It is this passion we must capture in our persuasion to reframe there loyalty to that of the United States as a whole. Also, it is not within our boundaries to strip the South of the leaders they wish to promote, this would infringe upon their right to democracy. Democracy is something we must support without fail if we wish to reunify the nation while supporting civil rights.
Team Eastwood presents plan to class and to Georgia! (Loren Always Smiles)

Now that the Southern cruel and peculiar institution of slavery has been outlawed, our nation now faces a new predicament. What is to become of the newly freed former bondsmen? Born into slavery, most of the freedmen have lived their entire lives, until now, in whatever ramshackle squalor that was provided by their masters. Most lacked any kind of education and had few to no personal possessions upon emancipation, and this has hindered them greatly as they attempt to blend into society. Forced to endure horrors beyond description for generations, it is high time that they were repaid. Following the “forty acres and a mule” idea, free of charge, forty-acre tracts of land for farming in the New Mexico territory should be provided for the freedmen. On this land they can grow such successful cash crops as onions, potatoes and wheat. These crops require less labor and space than corn and with the invention of McCormick’s reaper wheat can be harvested in a fraction of the time. Money collected from these farmers as a result of the three percent income tax that was instituted in 1862 will, with time, entirely pay for mules to be provided for those receiving land that do not have one of their own. As well as providing land and animals to work it for the freedmen, the education provided for them by the Freedmen’s Bureau must not only continue to teach reading and writing, but should also teach the freedmen useful trade skills and techniques as well as instruction in using new technology so that they can become better workers. The New Mexico territory is an ideal location for the freedmen’s land because it is not yet so densely populated as the South and other areas of the country. Also, as we know from hindsight, the land confiscated from Confederates in the Civil War that had been intended for the freed slaves rarely made it into their hands. This was due to the malicious efforts of Southern local administrators and planters who expelled the freedmen from their towns or tricked them into signing deceptive labor contracts for their former masters. By instead providing them with land in the New Mexico territory, such atrocities and tensions can be entirely avoided. New opportunities for a better life can be easily provided for freedmen through land in the New Mexico territory, working this land with government-supplied mules and an increase in useful education for the freedmen.

A key element in a truly democratic society is giving everyone a say in government. Despite the vast differences of opinion that are found in the south, it is essential that everyone, no matter their skin color is or what they have done in the past, is able to vote. If the vote is denied to anyone at all, then the government will not be fairly representing the will of the people, and that just isn’t an option. As for who the voters can vote for, the answer is once again everyone. Now, obviously convicted felons and other people who commit serious and/or violent crimes should not be able to run for or hold office, but other than that anyone who wants to be on the ballot should be able to campaign for themselves and try to get elected. If anyone who wants to run is allowed to run, and everyone who wants to vote is allowed to vote, then the people will get as close as they can to what they want. Now obviously, we don’t live in a perfect world, and things don’t go exactly as planned. It would be naive to think that there will be nobody attempting to scare and coerce voters into staying home from the polls. Unfortunately, that type of thing is unavoidable. However, we can do our best to prevent that type of behavior through the use of a multi racial, bipartisan militia that regulates voting and keeps people safe while they express their opinions. It is hoped that no one is offended or feels threatened by the presence of soldiers in some states where they are needed; they aren’t meant to cause aggression. The sole purpose is to make sure that every citizen can have their voice heard. Then, and only then, will we be truly democratic.

Leniency is essential in such a fragile period of time. Certain aspects of reconstruction must be met with compromise. However, on certain principles we must hold fast. The elements of civil rights, cooperation, respect for the law and loyalty are the rocks for which there is no leniency. States must accept the superior power of the Federal Government. Likewise, the Federal Laws of the United States Government must be accepted and upheld to their fullest extent. In continuation, the South is permitted to have militias; however they may never oppose the direct orders given to the United States Military. In addition to these measures, they must also acknowledge the rights which now apply to African Americans. No end-around may be amended to halt African Americans from their natural born rights as American citizens. In further review it is also important they must acknowledge the new security measures which apply to all Southern Congressmen. A Secret Service will be appointed to each congressman, regardless of color. This secret service will consist of half African-Americans and half European-Americans. Their undying loyalty will be to the congressman who has been elected regardless of race. If any violent effort is made against these Secret Servicemen or the Congressman they protect, the prosecutors or suspected prosecutors will be met with the full force of the United States penal system and in cases of dire emergency, the United States military. Obviously this will cause some tension. But strong efforts must be made to support a unified branch of leaders.

In order to reinvigorate the southern economy, the South cannot put all of its eggs into a single basket. Due to this, it is important to recognize that the cotton kingdom is a dead, bloated corpse; and, instead of finding an heir, the creation of a cropocracy composed of corn, wheat, and other foodstuffs must occur so that the south will not be stuck in the feudal period regarding economics. The fields of these crops, due to the recent emancipation, will be sold relatively cheaply to African Americans as a token of appreciation. Many larger plots of land will be reserved for factories and industries to be built by both Southerners and Northerners, and will be maintain by both Southern and Northern citizens in order to keep economic hegemony from occurring in either the north or the south. The importance of investing in the southern economy is the fact that if the north appears to be economically superior, southerners will feel alienated and rebel against unfair institutions.

Instead of bringing troops into the south, militias will be encouraged to form in the south, composed both of African American and sympathetic southern Republicans. These militias will act as protection for primarily Republicans and African Americans in the south. Along with these militias, secret servicemen will be available for all politicians, though it will probably be vital for Republican politicians from the North. When a Republican or Democratic politician is killed, or a secret serviceman is killed, U.S. troops will be deployed to the site where the killing has happened and will investigate the nature of the killing; and if any evidence is found, the perpetrators will be tried and jailed. If evidence is not found against anyone or evidence is found of suicide or death by natural causes, troops will slowly and steadily withdraw until the militias can recompense the cost of loss of formal military protection to a large enough degree.

After so many years of suffering, the time to reunify this country is now. Only once the Southern economy has been re-stimulated, civil rights and new opportunities have been found and secured for freedmen, and corruption and disunity have been successfully eradicated from the American government, only then can we hope to see the flourishing and just country that America ought to be. However, try as we might, there is ultimately no perfect solution for this nation’s problems. The wounds of the Civil War may heal with time as we step closer and closer to complete reunification, but the scars shall remain for generations to come.


Hey Guys,

Ok so I get the awesome job of critiquing your plan for action. First off, I really like your plan, and I think that you guys really got it right with a bunch of stuff. So I’m just going to run through chronologically and tell you what I think about each point you make. For instance, I really liked the fact that you weren’t trying the soldiers for war crimes. I think that would have been disastrous. However, I think that when it comes to the south governing themselves there needs to be some limitation, as they could just elect the same leaders that fought for rights against the North…Just a thought. I think your plans for the freedmen is very good and thorough, but it begs me to wonder weather you are giving too much land, as the south freed many slaves and the New Mexico territory was so unexplored at the time. However, everything else sounds great and I think the tax on their crops is perfect. Your policy on suffrage I believe to be a little dangerous, as you are opening office to those who have committed serious crimes against people and the Northern states such as those in high power during the war. However, if democracy rules all, it is the only way. I love the secret service idea and the fact that we are taking measures to secure our congressmen and people of power, and the fact that the south can have small armies. I am a little confused as to your plan to invigorate the southern economy. You say that you are selling the fields of the foodstuffs to the freedmen, but you have already given them land in the west. Also, is it right just to take this land from its original southern owners if they were not involved in the war? I believe that you need to rethink the way that you are giving them the southern land when they already have land in NM. You are contradicting your original plan, and it is a little confusing. In conclusion, I think your plan is a good one, that is thorough and thoughtful and will reunify the country with minimal changes in due time.
Addison Baitcher