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Reconstruction, by the dictionary definition means the act of reformation. During the after years of the Civil War, the late 1860’s, the United States of America was experiencing a period of economical weakness, incoherent relations between the Northerners and Southerners, and racial discrimination against African Americans. The Reconstruction period, under the authority of President Johnson was intended to readmit the ex-confederate states, and guarantee civil rights to African Americans, and decide upon the readmitting governments of the rebel states. We believe our policy of reconstruction clearly would have been effective in the 1860’s. The reunification between Northern and Southern people isn’t an easy task, but initiates with respect. Military troops of the north have been assigned to emancipate southern blacks and guarantee their freedom and civil rights, using force if need be.
Southerners, who are clearly going through a depression with the aid of the North will be sent food, clothing and health care, which will be provided by Northern nurses. Due to their actions and cause of the Civil War, the south will be lightly fined when reentering the United States of America. The money will go towards the good of the state. Their unnecessary behavior has caused chaos and nearly torn the fresh country apart and therefore it is just in fining them.

With their newly acquired freedom, African Americans are now equal U.S. Citizens and will receive all rights of an equal, white, male. African Americans have the right to public education, amongst other whites, and also they may serve on the local jury in the city, and receive the right to vote as other citizens do. Blacks will need to pay equal taxation to their state and federal governments. Our policy is effective and would have been crystal clear and respected during the Reconstruction period.
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In an earlier proposition stated, the ex-confederates should pay a fine of money or land. Their fine will go toward the restoration of the South. That means that the money would help the foundation of public schools, housing for those who lost their homes, and other local necessities; but mainly education is the number one priority to be looking at. The South should also restart their trading business with the North. If the North and the South can’t even fathom to come to an agreement to trade another thought is to restore global trading. It will open more jobs opportunities and bring in more income to the South.

Southern Union citizens can have a role with rebuilding the South but the non-citizen Union troops stationed in the South shouldn’t be allowed that opportunity. They should be allowed to have a say with anything that deals with rebuilding the South because they technically don’t live in there. As far as policing and governing; that control should go toward the Federal Government. The Federal Government (to go into more depth) would control the South’s military and help provide health care to the South.

In the new Southern state government the people eligible to hold an office or even be considered must first meet certain requirements. First, to discuss the Confederates that live and still influence many people, to be in office they must not be have held any of the following rankings in while fighting: Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, or General. However any rank lower than said ranks are allowed to run and hold office in the new Southern state government. While the new government will allow both freedmen and whites alike and equal to run and hold office they must be literate, also that they must be a citizen to the area.

To regain recognition and representation from the United States of America a state must do one of three things. Firstly, each Confederate army member must pay a fee to the state, let it be in money or land that is theirs to choose. This money will be used as local government sees fit while the land will be given to the freedmen to help them get on their feet to start growing crops or whatever they choose to do. Secondly, each ranking officer mentioned in the above paragraph will need to pledge an oath of allegiance to the President, and each new local government will sign a document stating they will never support or attempt to succeed from the country again. Lastly, the new local government will submit their chosen representative to congress to be approved.

All in all, our reconstruction policy provides protection of civil rights, fines the accused and guarantees the people of the North and South that there is hope to be united once again. Through the developing civil rights for African Americas, the penalty to the Southern people and the reunification process, the Reconstruction period starts and will guarantee a successful future for the United States of America.


RESPONSE(S) TO TEAM PLAN: The main ideas behind this reconstruction plan, such as respect and loyalty, are great ideas to center reconstruction upon. However the plan's intentions of execution are lacking thorough considerations of the South. Firstly, much of this plan requires the South to make payments to help restore the Southern economy, however this yields a problem: with what money? When the South succeeded a new form of Confederate currency was issued and the old US currency was valued worthless. Therefore this plan needs to admit a way of circulating the same type of currency throughout the North an South. Also, the fact that you limit people who held a title in the Confederacy to positions of representation is also at faulty. Much of the Southern intelligence held a title during the Civil War and therefore limiting their rights to regain recognition or representation would repress adequate representation of the South during reconstruction. The idea that ex-confederates will not be welcomed immediately without certain compensations is understood, however a medium that will instigate Southern compliance should be warranted to prevent lasting aversion and hostility between the two sides.

By: Kathryn Robinson
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